Lab group

Luke Miller, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Curriculum vitae

I label myself as a marine ecophysiologist, biomechanic, intertidal ecologist, or just gadget guy, all depending on the day and my mood. I am primarily interested in how marine organisms deal with the physical environment including the weather and waves, as well as how organisms deal with each other via competition and predation. Much of my research has focused on northeastern Pacific rocky intertidal habitats from California to Alaska, but I have also worked on New England rocky shore communities, on Antarctic scallops, and in kelp forests and estuary habitats. I am interested in how individual organisms and communities might cope with the effects of climate change, but also how they cope with day-to-day variation in their environment. I employ a variety of methods and approaches that draw from the fields of biomechanics and physiology, and do work both in the field and lab.

M.Sc. students

Gabriella Kalbach

Gabriella graduated from CSU Monterey Bay, and joined the Miller Lab in Fall 2019.

Undergraduate students

  • Maia Little
  • Caileen Baldwin